June 25, 2015

Another Miner dead

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Another miner dead

Nothing stopped

The price of platinum plummeted…not

Gold is a safe bet, the old men keep saying

We dig South Africa, Lonmin tried to slang-it,

But the worms refused to be fooled

as they slowly chew on the fresh flash of the recently dead

in a nondescript cemetery

with the bloody words engraved on the epitaph


Buried in different holes, they lay

Dug by the sweat of their rock-driller cousins

More than three “August years” gone, today

Yes, Farlam sits on the president’s desk

Ready to scalp the head of the Turk

The media is back to its old ways,

Chiming their same old kak-opine

Whilst the president rubs his bald head

and chuckles at the intelligent questions

from the clever blacks

another miner died today

it makes no ripples

but for those loyal pallbearers who return in weekly ritual

to sprinkle the water on the sand of the dearly departed

from dust through dust

to dust
(supposed aniversay of

stop press: zuma to release Farlam report at 7pm. 25 June 2015.


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