September 20, 2010

Alice has fallen up the cosmic black hole

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The Matriarch of the Word, this time, on listening Alice Walker at the 11th Steve Biko Memorial Lecture (September 7, 2010, State Theatre, Pretoria)

Alice has fallen up the cosmic black hole
the malaikas
to hear her ruminating about cows with sweet smelling breath and
Extolling the virtues of burgundy sofas
and the broken things she holds in her heart
Tenderising men and pitying women with fenced eyes
Waiting for razor edged stones and bloody demise
Unveiled judgement
Ah Alice your wonderland of purple
So deep and soul haunting turns into a
Cloudy   mauve miasma of
Grandmothers sipping tea
In a Burmese tea garden as
Aung San Suu Kyi
Meditates under a bullet ridden
saffron sun.
for change you savour under stars
striped with the oily haze
of millions on desert plains far far away.

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