March 15, 2010


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Photo by (H)elena

Barça supporters get organised in SA

Yes, Barça supporters in SA are getting organised and we are in the process of getting the offiicial nod from Camp Nou, and registering as a South African NPO. As we do finalise this in the coming weeks (days), we will be about the 4th only supporters club of this  great team in Africa. The others that exist are in Senegal, Morocco, and Cameroun (eg. Fan Club FC Barcelona Cameroun Douala Cameroon). Our name is Mzansi Penya Barcelonista.

That we are getting organised in this historic year of the 2010 World Cup is not accident as it presents us with a great opportunity to:

a) support great football that is dished out by this great team; but, more importantly,

b) learn the lessons and share them, about the importance of having people-owned teams that have a social conscience about peoples’ lives, struggles and cultures. We are agreed that we must try to get our regular contact with supporters’ clubs of our national clubs, to learn the importance of fans in the national game. (Just look at poor Manchester United supporters who have set up a trust fund to buy back their team from the Glaser family!)

Like all supporters’ clubs worldwide we are a voluntary group, who love the brand of football and the politics of the club. (You know that in its over 100 years history, it has had no sponsor logo on its first football team shirt and only supported UNIcef on its shirt to show its pro-people stance…). Like our LA Penya, we too regard ourselves as “més que una penya” (more than a fan club) as is shown in our constitution.

Our constitution lists our  key  objectives, thus:

a)        To support the goals and objectives of FC Barcelona ownership of sports clubs and associations;

b)      To promote the right to play by advocating the extension of services for poor communities (parks, coaches etc);

c)      To promote appreciation of South African sports and culture, in particular the struggle for sports and culture for all in societies free of exploitation and discrimination;

d)         To campaign for support for local sports in particular national football (male and female);

e)     To support the right of sports for all, emphasing the role of women, the disabled and those marginalized by various types of wars and crisis;

f)      To campaign for various spaces to open up and let the public get the opportunity to watch Barca football; and finally

g)        To promote an understanding of international solidarity through sports and culture.

Mzanzi PB will collaborate with other supporters clubs and associations committed to some of the objectives listed above, especially the goal of people owned clubs and associations.

The founding committee has done much to organize itself quietly over the months and will be watching matches together, in particular, El Clasico, i.e. the FCB vs Real Madrid FC. The viewing venue  is the:

photo by (h)elena

Legends Sports Bar

Randburg Central Sports Complex

Portion 45 of Farm Klipfontein 203

And what is more: we have a Facebook Group – look for us! And our contact email is

We will unveil our full leadership in April at El Clasico, so come there and be part of the solution…

Before signing off a note to the editors: We have read many South African newspapers – those that write about the club but inadvertently end up calling it a boat… that is what “barca” really is in Catalan (official language of FCB and also in Spanish). I know that other media agencies too are guilty of this error, see: La Liga – Messi and Barca named football’s top brands. But I can say unashamedly that I have never seen it correctly used in our papers. However, since we are living in a highly interconnected world, internationalism or globalisation for those who gain, I suggest that our organising here must allow editors to use the broken c. Then and only then will you get the team we support BarÇa.

A quick glance at various enclopeadeas and one will find that the Ç, ç (c-cedilla) is a letter widely used in many parts of  the world, Turkey, etc. Wiki says that “this letter also appears in Catalan, French, Friulian, Occitan, and Portuguese as a variant of the letter c.”

I must sign off now and all I want to say is that we wish our national team well, on camp in Brazil and hope for them to reach the final.

Viva Bafana Bafana, viva!

Viva BarÇa, viva!


(one of the founding members…)


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