April 10, 2009

The South African Update

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There are many gripes about favouritism and political friends getting it easy in prison, Zuma being let off the hook by the spy vs spy tapes released by the Zuma camp to the National Prosecuting Authority, who clearly saw collusion between the heads of NPA and the Scorpions. These “tapes” – irrespective of their legality or otherwise, reinforce that security apparatus and generally public office and the public sector must be loyal and accountable to the constitution and not to factions, otherwise, we will forever be straddled with factionalism and division in our public life. The tapes, like those of Nixon, are hotly debated with many questions being asked. One burning question is if the NPA had the power to discontinue their case against Zuma (soon to be president), a question that is hotly debated as Zuma’s legal team planned to introduce these tapes into court when they were intercepted recordings and were illegally in their possession. But how? IN addition, the Mail and Guardian asks further:

* Why, if the tapes revealed illegal conduct, did the National Intelligence Agency hang on to them for almost 18 months, rather than handing them over to the NPA or justice minister?
* How did the NPA legally get around the Supreme Court of Appeal’s ruling in the Zuma matter that “a prosecution is not wrongful merely because it is brought for an improper purpose”?

Attempts to re-write legislation that will make the secret services accountable to the people (via parliament) whilst respecting genuine security and intelligence operations are now urgent and must be done as soon as the new parliament – after the elections –sits, otherwise it will take years and may not happen, and then the abuse of public trust will continue.

Whilst many are celebrating that Zuma will not be charged, veteran UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, however, promised that “Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and Tony Yengeni all could not finish their terms of office because of this common denominator: THE ARMS DEAL SCANDAL” — (Cape Argus, 2009-03-22). It is a widely held belief that the failure to deal with this deal will be the undoing of many politicians.

The above cartoon by Zapiro captures the challenges and the promises of political parties when 23 million voters go to the polls this April 22, 2009. In the  article “2009: Electing the incorruptibles?” (in this edition) I trace what some of the leading parties are promising the electorate. You choose: wisely.

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