March 24, 2009

Not just another T-shirt story

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moral high ground?

moral high ground?

International media agencies were reporting this week, about the hate that is deep within Israeli military machine. No I am not talking of the testimonies from eye witnesses and in some cases participants of the cold blooded killing of unarmed, civilians, including women and children. This time it is a story about t-shirt designs made for soldiers that make light of shooting pregnant Palestinian mothers and children and include images of dead babies and destroyed mosques.

The t-shirts were printed for Israeli soldiers at the end of periods of deployment or training courses according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The one that particularly galls me is the one apparently for a platoon of Israeli snipers shooting a pregnant women, (see picture) with snipers aim to kill, and the caption reading: “1 shot 2 kills”.

The other T-shirt shows a child with gun in the line of fire, and the caption reads: “The smaller, the harder”

Haaretz talks about a third T-shirt which shows an Israeli soldier bombing a mosque and the caption reads: “Only God forgives”.

Yet another hateful slogan “Better use Durex” is meant to mock a Gazan mother who is weeping over her dead babys grave, who is now also within the snipers target.

These expressions of hate are but one challenge that Palestinians face after the war on Gaza. The borders are still closed and efforts to reconstruct the worlds biggest prison (Gaza) is being consciously delayed. The blockade is also an act of hate, spite and racism.

Meanwhile the Israeli Defence Force, has said that the T-shirts were done by private citizens, and were not “in accordance with IDF values and are simply tasteless. This type of humour is unacceptable and should be condemned”. The blockade, and the repression and deniel of rights however, continue, without condemnation. These soldiers were merely putting in creative (albeit repressive) artform, what they were instructed to do during the war. This story will unfold sooner rather than later. This is just not about the T-shirts but the hate that is being preached by the IDF that beats deep in the hearts of the young men and women they train to kill.

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