March 24, 2009


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In the foreword to the book, the then chairperson of the G77, and Prime Minister of Jamaica P.J Patterson wrote that the” founding fathers of the Group of 77 in their first declaration in June 1964 stated that “the developing countries have a strong conviction that there is a vital need to maintain, and further strengthen, this unity in the years ahead.” That unity and solidarity has withstood the test of time, despite momentous challenges and changing political and economic circumstances. The Group of 77 has risen to the challenge of change and responded without losing sight of its mission and clear vision of the need to create a more fair and equitable international economic order.

Indeed, it is remarkable that with a diverse membership comprising 132 Member States and without a formal constitution or rules of procedure it has managed to endure through the world’s political and economic turbulences and remain true to its original mission. The history of the Group of 77 is identified by landmark achievements in every aspect of the United Nations system. The last two summits of the Group of 77 have redefined the mission of the Group and revitalized its commitment to meet the latest challenges from globalization and liberalization. It is, therefore, a commendable undertaking to document the path the Group of 77 has taken through action, determination and intellectual activity throughout four decades of action. The unique experience of the Group of 77 can only be shared if the relevant documentation, reflecting its achievements in various reports, declarations, agreements, resolutions and decisions are shared with the public at large. This valuable publication is particularly timely, following the Group’s Second South Summit in June 2005.

It is widely acknowledged that the publication was made possible because of “the institutional memory of Mourad Ahmia and his dedication, devotion and commitment to the cause of the Group he has served with distinction for more than 15 years…”

documenting reform

documenting reform


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