January 13, 2009

Another African footballer speaks out… and is joined by his Catalan coach

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Seydou Keita, born on the historic 16 June (for South Africans), has spoken out in favour of Palestinian rights and against the bombings of Palestinians in Gaza ( The player, also from Mali, used to play for Sevilla FC alongside Kanoute, and now plies his trade at Barça.

Meanwhile Sports (web and article) gave the thumbs down to the Spanish football association for imposing a fine on Kanoute. They point out that Kanoute should not be fined for “using his freedom of expression, a basic right in a democratic society.”

zapiroIN a latest article, the web of Sport reports that Pep Guardiola joined in the outrage against the fine, saying that it was disproportional as Kanoute had limited his statement to only the name Palestine. The player has been fined 3000 euros.The paper further reports that Guardiola realizes that players do not live isolated from society and that the massive killings in Gaza prompted Kanoute to speak out.

Guardiola believes the fine must not be used in circumstances like this as it would stop players from expressing an opinion: “the fine is totally disproportionate. If fine such as this were always applicable, there would be no journalists giving their opinion. Any war is absurd and too many innocent people have died…”

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