December 12, 2008

Report back from the 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference

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The 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference was attended by representatives from 135 countries in Athens, Greece from 30 October – 2 November 2008 under the banner “Global Transparency: fighting corruption for a sustainable Future”.

In a wide ranging closing declaration the conference commented on the financial crisis and underlined the centrality of “transparency and accountability in mitigating the crisis and preventing future failures. And we underscored that the poor are not able to bear the cost of the greed and mismanagement of financial professionals half a world away and that better development – to which the fight against corruption is central – must remain at the top of the global agenda.”

On the recovery of stolen assets the conference underlined the importance of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) thus: We focussed on the challenge of asset recovery using the provisions of the UNCAC which recognised both the right to freedom of information and civil society participation.” We have seen, “ the conference concluded that “in Switzerland, civil society coalitions with groups in Angola and Nigeria, for instance, that have effectively petitioned for the return of stolen assets. Although we remain mindful of the risks that returned assets can be subject to and call for transparency criteria in the process. And we stressed the need for banks to do more to ensure that they communicate and enforce policies of not working with corrupt individuals.”

Importantly, the conference reaffirmed the conviction of all that “corruption harms all people and ultimately all communities, but that the poorest bear the greatest burden. They are also hit hardest by climate change and unsustainable practices. Their sustainable livelihoods should be our first priority, and this begins by seeking to give them a stronger voice than they have had.” Recognising that our fates are “intimately linked” conference committed to “fervently to fighting corruption in order to guarantee our common sustainable future, so that we can hand coming generations a cleaner, healthier and fairer world than the one we inherited.”

For the full declaration:

The conference also had a long list of speakers and the papers presented are to be found here:

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