August 15, 2008

Transparency in sports is crucial

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With the 2010 World Cup coming to RSA the chapter is looking at sports and corruption more closely. A telecon and meetings with TI Germany has been held. This is from TI website.

Transparency in sports is crucial

Sport is lagging behind in recent advances to achieve transparency by other sectors. While business principles, good governance and corporate social responsibility are on the agenda of big international companies, it is still not the case with the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Games.

A new coalition against corruption in sports is needed to gather sports’ organisations on the one hand and the global anti-corruption civil society movement on the other. It is crucial that corruption in sports be prevented and, whenever it takes place, exposed and adequately addressed within the legal framework.

A first step: sports’ organisations should clearly state their disapproval of and intention to fight criminal manipulation. Such a move would send out a signal to potential criminals and can prompt people who suspect corruption somewhere in the chain to report it.

Sport is an integral part of our world and its aversion to corruption must be brought to the fore of the international debate. Everyone should join efforts to communicate that corruption in sports is unacceptable. Key stakeholders in this process include sports’ organisations, the media, sponsors, governments, civil society and, more importantly, sport fans.

The global movement of TI is working towards achieving this goal. In 2006 TI Germany established a working group on sport and corruption issues managing to raise awareness and bring the issue to the international level.

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