August 15, 2008


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· Editorial: The complexities of the struggle for transparency, ” good governance” and accountability

· Learning from each other:
The wisdom of Mwalimu
The interview: Azeddine Akesbi (TI – Morocco)

· The South African Update

· NACF – National Anti Corruption Summit, August 08 (brief outline)

and Resolutions of the third National Anti-Corruption Summit

· The “NGO Working Group on Currency Transaction Tax for Financing for Development”

· Does Greater Fiscal Transparency Reduce Corruption?

· A Glittering Demon: Mining, Poverty and Politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo

· The UN Global Compact Blacklists 630 Companies for Failue to Communicate on Governance

· Transparency in Sports is crucial

· 13th International Anti Corruption Conference (IACC), Athens, Greece, 30 Oct. – 2 Nov. 2008

· Resources

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