May 2, 2008

UN turns 60 and we keep pushing for more fundamental reform

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TI-SA signed up to the 60th anniversary UN statement facilitated by the UBUNTU Forum as part of our ongoing work (remember the 2007 signature campaign?).

OPEN LETTER TO THE NEW UN SECRETARY GENERAL: MR. BAN KI-MOON calls for more effective democratic change that will address poverty, and inequality integrally. The Open Letter stresses interalia calls for “move towards a fair world trade system oriented towards sustainable human development, unlike the system that would be brought in by the Doha Round of the WTO, which, following the failure of its last meeting in Hong Kong, is still insisting on a neo-liberal model of world trade that would continue to benefit the rich and powerful of the world only.”


* “a worldwide commitment to tackle global warming, in keeping with the principles of the Rio and Johannesburg summits, that would see countries responsible for their own emissions — first and foremost the USA, which must, as a minimum, sign and comply with the Kyoto Protocol — and beginning with rich countries, would develop and implement alternatives to the existing unsustainable trends in production, consumption and energy model.”

To achieve this in part calls for

* “consequently, as the manifesto of the World Campaign for In-depth Reform of the System of International Institutions asserts, there is a need for “a stronger, more democratic UN, placed at the centre of a consistent, democratic, responsible, effective system of international institutions. More specifically, we need to democratise the composition and decision-making procedures of UN bodies and agencies to ensure that they are effective and democratic. And we need to refound and integrate within the UN all other global multilateral organisations (IMF, WB, WTO, etc.).”

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