March 13, 2008

We are Fighters of FRELIMO _ Jorge Rebelo (1971)

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So many paths we have trodden!
So many people we have greeted
on our march!

So many plains, mountains, rivers
we have crossed!

The day of independence is still far
but each day it comes closer.

We are FRELIMO fighters.
Planes? Tanks? We have none.
But we carry truths in our eyes
truths that can also kill and destroy
truths the enemy fears more than weapons:
but which can rebuild, out of ruins.

We go forward, instruments of an ideal
loftier than ourselves
finally stripping away our solitude.

Sometimes we stop along the way
for a child’s entreaty and greeting,
for a chance flower,
a certain smile, a star.

We halt within ourselves: our steps continue
and we meet up again further on.

We must not delay. Out there the enemy
continues to enslave our people…

To arms, comrades!


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  2. ours is a socalled independent country but the rulers are antipeople. so this poem is inspiring us to build an organisation like frelimo with our own nationalist characte. thank to the poetry if rebelo

    Comment by k.ravi babu — June 21, 2011 @ 1:48 am | Reply

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