March 13, 2008

Josina, we continue with you _ Jorge Rebelo (1971)

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It was still dawn when you departed.
We had no time to say farewell,
you departed suddenly
like a shooting star.
A gun which stood without owner
a child who cried in the night
were mute witnesses to your absence.
It was still dawn when you departed.

Do we mourn for you?
It is too soon for us to mourn.
Absence hurts
in relation to time
and understanding.
Yesterday you were with us
Together we were building our new world
You tended the children whom the revolution
had placed in your care
You carried with you the seed and shared
the fruits of the freedom already conquered.

Today you are no more
– no more forever –
What does this mean?

(Ah, if only our hands were heavy hammers
that could beat and break the earth
that enfolds you!)
Our reason admits your absence,
but our hearts
refuse to understand
and to accept.
It is too soon for us to mourn.

Will we learn to live without you?
Who will teach us the right words
to sustain and console us
in our moments
of human hesitation and uncertainty?
Who will show the world the strength
the courage and the grace
of the women of our country?
You were for us the symbol of purity,
the sister, the comrade,
the embodiment of the revolution.
When you departed, the meaning
of many things
ceased to be so clear…

But listen:
When the struggle demands: Forward!
we shall advance.
You will be with us.
In our marches, in our battles,
in the schools, in the fields,
on all our missions
you will be with us.
Your youth, halted so soon
will be eternal
inspiring us, encouraging us.

No, we do not need to learn
how to live without you.
We continue
our struggle
with you.

[Josina Machel was a woman freedom fighter, who distinguished herself for her total commitment to the liberation struggle. She married Samora Machel, the President of Frelimo, during the struggle. The day of her death – 7th Abril – was declared Mozambican Women’s Day.]


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