May 25, 2007


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Theorising Practice- Development Update is a quarterly On-Line and print forum aimed at reflexive practice for social justice activists. It builds on the work done by SANGOCO and INTERFUND over the years in the earlier publication Development Update. It aims to encourage members and allies of SANGOCO to think critically about their work, and to reflect on their work as part of a renewing of both theory and practice. In the past we called this praxis. In particular, Theorising Practice – Development Update aims to present:

progressive, enlightened and non-sectarian ideas and practice about development and the role of the voluntary sector in transformation in South Africa,

critical examination of the political, economic and social context of development,

a keener understanding of development and issues relating to development,

critical debate about development and the voluntary sector in South Africa,

a more acute understanding of international development issues,

a better understanding of regional development dynamics in the sub-continent, and

cross-sectoral debate in the voluntary sector.

Development Update will also

promote intellectual rigour and a high quality of writing,

build research and capacity in the voluntary sector, and

avoid dogma, rhetoric and jargon and promote writing in plain English.


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